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Camp Hobbs Cub Scout Camp

Kitchen Photos

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The kitchen is located on one end of the main hall.  There is no stove located in the kitchen; however, there are plenty of plugs and outlets for roasters and such.  There is also a back patio to the kitchen suitable for grilling - grill not provided.
View of kitchen from inside main hall pantry area
View of "kitchen" from inside main hall   Pantry area
front portion of kitchen area Cooler and freezer
Front portion of "kitchen" area Cooler and freezer
Warmer Steam table
Warmer Steam Table
Back portion of kitchen - right side Back portion of kitchen - left side
Back portion of "kitchen" - right side  Back portion of "kitchen" - left side
Triple sink Icemaker as seen from front of kitchen
Double sink Icemaker as seen from front of "kitchen"


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Main Hall Photos

Kitchen Photos

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